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Switchboard Upgrade

switchboard upgrade perth WA

Acura Electrical specialises in switchboard upgrade Perth Northern and Southern suburbs listed here. Our fully licensed and insured electricians can also replace faulty main switches, circuit breakers and RCD Switches.

If you have an older home in Perth, you are more likely need a Switchboard Upgrade. It has to ensure that your switchboard and wiring are sufficient to support the electrical needs of multiple household appliances when in use at the same time. For example, running a dishwasher, washing machine, oven and air-conditioner at the same time requires a high load of electricity. Often switchboards installed in Perth homes built more than 20 years ago may not be able to cope with these high electrical loads. Thus you can be at risk of a connector in the fuse or the wiring overheating and causing an electrical fire. Older switchboards also do not have the required RCD’s which is another very important reason why you may need to upgrade your switchboard.

Acura Electrical can improve your electricity supply and help keep your home and family safe by upgrading your electrical switchboard for a very reasonable fixed price. For example, a standard sized Perth home usually will require 11 to 15 poles and a new main switch to be installed and Acura Electrical charges a fixed fee of $1,900 (incl. GST) for this size of switchboard upgrade.

See our Switchboard Upgrade pricing table below to see how much your switchboard upgrade would be. At Acura Electrical, we pride ourselves of being transparent and up-front with our pricing to give you greater peace of mind when contracting an electrician to do a job.  Review our range of prices for different sizes of switchboard upgrades below and book your job online or contact us for more information on 0448 843 351. To upgrade a switchboard you need an expert electrician with extensive knowledge and experience like Acura Electrical. We customise the distribution board to your meet the needs of your power supply, carry out a full instrumental wiring test and issue an Electrical Safety Certificate after installation to give you complete peace of mind that the job has been done properly. Acura Electrical can provide Switchboard Upgrade services to the majority of Perth suburbs. Please check our service areas at the bottom of the page to see if we service your area.

Up to 5 circuits (pole)$1,300 (incl. GST)
6 to 10 circuits (pole)$1,600 (incl. GST)
11 to 15 circuits (pole)$1,900 (incl. GST)
16 to 18 circuits (pole)$2,100 (incl. GST)

These prices are supply, install and test. There are no additional call-out costs and an Electrical Safety Certificate is provided.

Please note 1 circuit (pole) means 1 circuit breaker or 1 RCD. A 3-phase circuit breaker for a 3-phase bore pump for instance are 3 poles.

If you are not sure which price is applicable for you, simply upload a photo of your switchboard with your online booking. We will always confirm the price and appointment for your approval before we confirm the job booking.

dangers of outdated switchboards

1. NO RCD safety switches to prevent electrocutions

  • To protect against fatal electrocutions, legislation in Western Australia requires that at least 2 RCD Safety Switches should be fitted to a household switchboard to protect all power and light circuits.
  • RCDs are designed to cut the power source instantly to protect you from an electrical shock – that could be potentially fatal. Installing RCDS can prevent 90% of fatal electrocutions. 

2. fuses and plug-in circuit breakers are responsible for lots of electrical fire

  • Fuses are illegal to use.
  • Loose plug-in connections under load is arcing, melting the connected cable and finally ignites a fire.
  • Not a proper size Fuse-wire or Plug-in Circuit Breaker in fuse base overloads and burns the cable.
  • Hanging out fuse-wire will shock you while trying to replace or check it.

3. exposure to asbestos board (carcinogenic)

  • Many older switchboards contain asbestos in their mounting and pose a health risk if incorrectly removed.
  • The correct removal of the asbestos when upgrading a switchboard is very important and must be carried out by a licensed and trained electrician. 
  • Asbestos is a dangerous and illegal material that should NOT be drilled or cut. Dust from drilling an asbestos switchboard can release fibres into the air that can get into your lungs when inhaled and can never be removed. 

what is included in switchboard upgrade

  • New black board (non asbestos)
  • New 18 pole enclosure (maximum size that easily fit in standard size switchboard but there is solution if more space required)
  • Each circuit is clearly labelled
  • New main switch
  • New RCD Safety Switches (RCBOs) for each power, light, pool and SPA circuits.
  • New Circuit Breakers for each circuits, which do not require RCD protection.
  • Fire retardant sealant in cable penetrations.
  • Instrumental Cable Insulation Resistance test (highlights worn cabling that is a fire hazard)
  • Instrumental Fault Loop Indepedence test (highlights any fault in the earthing system)
  • Instrumental RCD tests (for proper operation)
  • Numbers of different instrumental tests that are mandatory by regulations.
  • An Electrical Safety Certificate is issued.
  • Notifying Western Power of installation, which can be subject to an Inspection by Western Power (for your protection)

what is not included in switchboard upgrade

  • Surge Protection (available for additional cost, see below)
  • Fault finding highlighted by the installed RCDs and instrumental tests.
  • Rectifying any fault highlighted by the installed RCDs and Instrumental tests.
  • Installation of new or repairing insufficient earthing system (earth stake in ground, main earth wire)
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