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Oven Repairs

oven repairs perth WA

Acura Electrical is the most reputable electric oven repair specialist servicing most of Perth’s Northern & Southern suburbs. Our exceptional fixed service fee with no call out fee and always upfront in pricing gains our customer’s ultimate trust. With over 30 years of experience, we are the first choice of oven repairs Perth as most major brand electric oven, electric cooktop and electric stove service agents.

Acura Electrical explicitly provide an advance quote over the phone or email based on your particular oven brand, model, and fault. The goal is to repair the appliance as fast and quickly as possible, preferably on the first visit. Therefore, every service vans carry a vast range of oven parts.

We can fix any oven problem with the genuine heating element, thermostat, selector switch, door hinge, seal and light. Our technicians can also replace the broken oven door glass and electric cooktop glass.

All replacement oven parts and workmanship are covered by 12 months warranty.

Unlike many repairers, we make a specific evaluation of your oven needs and repair cost before attendance. Unfortunately, after a while, replacement parts are no longer available. Therefore, the appliance is not repairable. Or sometimes, the repair is not economical due to the high repair cost compared to a new oven price.

Our fully licensed and experienced electricians can even install your new electric oven or electric cooktop.

Electrical Safety Certificate is always provided for electrical installations.

The best place to look for purchasing your new cooking appliance from Appliances Online or one of your local Good Guys stores.

Oven Repairs Perth WA

unmatched oven service for your confidence

Oven Repair Perth WA

Click Here for a collection of the most common customer mistakes to avoid the needless service fees.

If you are still having trouble with your electric oven or cooktop, send us an enquiry, call George or book your repair online 24/7. So you can get back to cooking the meals you love.

oven repairs perth cost

Flat Service Fee $149 incl. GST + Cost of Parts Required. No Call Out Fee.

Flat service fee means that no matter the time required or if return visit needed. You pay only the fixed service fee nothing further apart from the cost of parts required to repair your oven or cooktop.

oven parts and indicative costs

Oven Element Replacement Perth

Fan Forced Element is the modern oven’s main heating element. It is located at the back panel around the baking fan. So the fan blows hot air directly from the heat source. That is how fan forced ovens are more efficient and provide more even baking. We carry genuine fan-forced elements for all models.

Fan Forced Element Cost $96

Perth Oven Repairs

The thermostat regulates the oven temperature by switching the heat on and off. Thermostat fault can cause the oven overheating, not hot enough or cannot be switched off. If your oven thermostat is not working, we can replace it with no fuss from our stock.

Oven Thermostat Cost $95 – $150

Oven Switch Repairs Perth WA

Selector Switch, also called Function Switch, is essential for proper operation. It turns on the specific oven components required for your chosen function. Such as the different combinations of the heating element(s), fan, light etc. Our service van is loaded with a wide range of parts to fix your oven’s faulty selector switch.

Oven Selector Switch Cost $95 – $180

Perth Oven Repairs

The baking Fan is located on the back panel of the oven and is an essential component for even heat distribution and reaching temperature quickly in a fan-forced oven. However, this fan does not mean it is a fan-forced oven because even fan assisted ovens have it. Our electrician easily replaces it if your oven baking fan is not working.

Oven Baking Fan Cost $120 – $180

Oven Fan Repairs Perth

The cooling fan is located on the top rear part of the oven. It prevents the surroundings from overheating, especially the oven controller units and the cabinets. This fan flushes out hot air at the front, usually above the oven door. Some Smeg oven models flush beneath the oven door. We carry various parts and can replace them if your oven cooling fan is faulty.

Oven Cooling Fan Cost $120 – $180

Oven Repair Perth

The lower element is usually concealed, therefore, not visible in modern ovens. It is used for conventional or fan assisted cooking if your oven has those functions. The bottom heating element is crucial to distribute heat evenly and reach a higher temperature. We can quickly replace it if your oven bottom element is not working. 

Oven Bottom Element Cost $90 – $170

Oven Repairs Perth WA

Grill Element is located at the top of the cooking compartment and is the only heat source while grilling with your oven. Every oven has this function sometimes, even with fan assistance and a spit roast motor. Acura Electrical can assist you quickly and fix it if your oven grill element is not working. 

Oven Grill Element Cost $90 – $180

Oven Light Repairs Perth

Light Globes are lighting up your oven baking compartment while cooking. They have to be a specially made heat resistant oven light globe. The standard globe will blow in a few minutes when the glass shell cracks from heat. We carry various types of oven globes to replace it if your oven light has blown and even replace the glass cover.

Oven Light Globe Cost $12 – $35

Oven Door Hinge Repairs Perth WA

Hinges are fitted in pairs on the oven door, and they support the door’s smooth opening and closing. They are responsible for squeezing the rubber gasket with the oven door to seal the cooking compartment sufficiently. We carry a wide range of oven door hinges and door seals and can replace them if your oven door will not close – seal – properly.

Oven Door Hinges Cost $90 – $250 / Pair

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Perth Oven Repairs

Oven Glasses block the heat from escaping the baking compartment and create thermal insulation. Therefore, every oven has at least two layers of glass. Some modern ones even have 3 – 4 layers. The Oven glass price range is extensive depending on brand and model. We keep some of the most common ones but can source quickly any brand available glasses.

Oven Door Glass Replacement Cost $40 – $350

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A 12-month warranty covers parts and workmanship.
Please see the guideline below to find out what your oven fault could be.

(This is the most common problem)

  • Fan forced oven is partially functioning (fan, light, grill etc., works) but will not heat up.
  • While using the fan-forced setting, it had a flash at the back and stopped working.
  • When using the fan-forced setting, it tripped the power, and you can turn it back, but it will not heat anymore.
  • Fan-forced setting will be slightly warm but cannot reach a higher temperature.

(If your oven is not fan-forced or using the conventional or grill setting)

  • Conventional oven is partially functioning (light, grill etc., works) but will not heat up.
  • While using the conventional setting, and had a flash at the bottom or top and stopped working.
  • When using the conventional setting, it tripped the power, and you can turn it back, but it will not heat anymore.
  • Conventional setting will be slightly warm but cannot reach a higher temperature.

(If you can live without the timer, we can simply disconnect it and will not cost you the parts but only the service fee)

Even if the timer looks fine (manual ticking back or digital displaying), most ovens will not work if the timer is faulty.

  • Oven will not turn on or start
  • Digital timer has no reading, does not react any button, playing up
  • Manual timer is not ticking back
  • Oven will not heat or turn on
  • Overheats without regulating temperature
  • Oven fan will not start
  • Fan makes noise

Please note that this is only a guideline but an inspection required for appropriate assessment, which is part of our service and included in our service fee.

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