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Oven Hinge Repairs Perth

Acura Electrical specialised in oven hinge repairs Perth Northern & Southern suburbs. We carry a wide range of oven parts in our van, therefore able to repair your oven door hinges and door seal on the first visit.

All supplied parts and workmanship come with 12 months warranty.

Our electricians have the knowledge and equipment to repair any other electric oven and electric cooktop problems.

In case your oven is not repairable due to parts availability or just repair is not economical we can even install your new electric oven. Acura Electrical is fully licenced and insured to carry out any electrical installations and provide Electrical Safety Certificate.

Oven Hinge Repairs Perth

If your oven door will not close and sit properly the heat escapes from the oven and it causes

  • Longer baking time (higher power or gas consumption)
  • Uneven baking
  • Shorter heating element life (if electric since they run more to maintain temperature)
  • Shorter door seal life span (escaping hot air surrounds it and is exposed more to heat)
  • Burns and discolour the surrounding cabinetry

Once the hinge pivot joints and springs are worn the hinges need replacements.

oven hinge repairs perth cost

Flat Service Fee$149 incl. GST + PartsNo Call Out Fee

A flat service fee means no matter the time required or if a return visit is neededYou pay only the fixed service fee, nothing further apart from the cost of the parts required to repair your oven or cooktop.

oven door hinge & seal cost

Oven hinge prices and door seal are very wide range between $20 and $180. Therefore, an exact Model Number is essential for proper quote and availability check. 0 to O or 5 to S on a worn sticker is confusing so best if you upload a photo of label.

Advise your model number and request a Fast & Free quote.

Worst case you can upload a photo of whole oven and we will try to identify oven model for quotation.

where to find the model number
  • On a tiny sticker at its front. Most common place when you open the door either around the door frame or on the edge of door. Look at it carefully even on the top or bottom of door frame. Some stoves have a compartment at the bottom with a drawer or a small door. Sticker can be hiding inside there.
  • On the manual. However, manuals are tend to be designed for a couple of different model. In that case usually there are drawings of the facial as well. Chose your particular model according the description and/or drawing.

Once you have found the sticker send us a request filling our Fast Quote Box and Do Not Forget to refer your model number. Avoiding any confusion the best way to upload a photo of the sticker since some letters and numbers can be mistaken.

quote request for hinges, seal replacement

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