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Oven Glass Repairs Perth

Acura Electrical specialises in oven glass repairs Perth Northern and Southern suburbs listed here. We can replace the broken oven glass for an unbeatable price or re-glue if it is not broken.

Some particular oven brands have problems after 6-7 years with fixing metal plates glued to the outer door glass on each corner and screwed to the inner panel. That adhesive is the only bond between the oven exterior glass and the inner door panel. Contact us before breaking the glass if your outer door glass has come off just partially. We will glue them back with an industrial grade high temperature resistant special adhesive.

Our electricians have the knowledge and equipment to repair any other electric oven and electric cooktop problems.

If your oven is not repairable due to parts availability or just repair is not economical, we can even install your new electric oven. Acura Electrical is fully licenced and insured to carry out any electrical installations and provides Electrical Safety Certificate.

Oven Glass Repair Perth

oven glass repairs perth cost

Flat Service Fee$149 incl. GST + PartsNo Call Out Fee

A flat service fee means no matter the time required or if a return visit is neededYou pay only the fixed service fee, nothing further apart from the cost of the parts required to repair your oven or cooktop.

Flat $199 including GST Collecting Door – Re-glue Glass in Workshop – Return Door.

Re-gluing existing oven glass takes about a week. First, we collect the complete oven door and take it to our workshop. After cleaning and preparing the surfaces of the parts and gluing them. This special adhesive needs a few days to set fully without interference for the best outcome. Once the glass is repaired and the door reassembled, we will return it and fit it back into your oven. This complete process is included in the Re-Gluing Cost, and no further charge is applied.

A 12-month warranty covers all parts as well as workmanship.

oven door glass prices

The cost of the oven glass is a wide range between $100 and $500.

For an appropriate quote and availability, we need a full Model Number, ideally a Serial Number. The best practice is to upload a photo of the sticker with the model number because sometimes 0 & O, 5 & S etc., can be confusing, and it will take much longer to identify if you misquote it.

Advise your model number and request a Fast & Free Online Quote below.

where to find the model number
  • Find the sticker at its front. The most common place is when you open the door either around the door frame or on the edge of the door. Look at it carefully, even on the top or bottom of the door frame. Some stoves have a compartment at the bottom with a drawer or a small door. The sticker can be hiding inside there.
  • On the manual. However, manuals tend to be designed for a couple of different models. In that case, usually, there are drawings of the facials as well. Choose your particular model according to the description and drawing.

quote request for oven glass replacement

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