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Customers Mistakes

Based on our experience we collected you some regular mistakes made by customers. Give yourself a chance to avoid painful oven service charge for nothing. If the following guideline would not solve your problem and you are within our service area our highly experienced technicians are happy to help you with your electric oven repairs. Please check our oven repair prices and the possible faults. You can book online an electric oven repair even after our business hours.

Apparently there is power because the digital timer is flashing
(if it is an upright cooker the ignition is working as well) but nothing else is functioning.
After any power outage the digital timer will be flashing and you need to reset it.
Customer answer: “I do not even use the timer”.
However, the oven will not start until somebody reset it.
Read your User Manual and reset the digital timer or at least press some button combinations to stop it flashing.

WOOOOW, it is back in work again. Great, you have just saved a service fee.

Have you just moved in, or have not used the oven since moved in?
Maybe the installer did not give you the main instructions in regards
to your new oven?
95% of ovens with manual timer will not start without the timer.
There are two options either to set the required cooking time or switch it to manual mode
(hand symbol).
Still nothing, read the third point as well.

It looks totally dead. No reading on digital timer,
no light, no fan, (if it is an upright cooker no ignition as well), nothing.
Most of the cooking appliances have an Isolator Switch nearby usually above the
bench top.
It can be an individual switch or many times an extra switch on one of the
kitchen power points.
If there is a switch in the kitchen you never even knew what it is check it out.
Have you found the switch? You might have one more thing to do.
If the oven has a “digital timer” read and follow the first point as well.
If the oven has a “manual timer” read and follow the second point as well.

If you have a Fan Forced oven which is supposed to heat up quickly
and actually it heats up to the higher temperature but takes about
30 minutes.
Most of the new generation “Fan Forced” ovens still have the old “Conventional” and
a bit newer “Fan Assisted” settings. Note that a “fan” symbol with two horizontal lines
above and beneath is NOT “Fan Forced” setting but “Fan Assisted”.
If you feel the heat from the top and bottom (NOT from the back where the fan is) and
the oven will reach the temperature in 20-25 minutes in small (600mm) oven or
30-35 minutes in big (900mm) oven then your oven is working fine. None of the best
technicians will be able to make it better. That is what you can expect from a
“Conventional” or “Fan Assisted” oven or setting along with some other disadvantages.
Find out which is your oven “Fan Forced” setting and you will be surprised. Usually a
“Fan” symbol with a circle around.

The top or bottom is cooked more than the other side, maybe even burnt.On a setting where the top and/or bottom heating element(s) are heating even with
“Fan Assisted” you can cook only with one tray and it should be in the middle.
If the tray is at the bottom then the food will be more cooked at bottom since it is
more exposed to the concealed bottom heating element.
Note that a “Fan” symbol with two horizontal lines above and beneath is
NOT “Fan Forced” setting but “Fan Assisted”.
On “Fan Forced” setting (usually a “Fan” symbol with a circle around) you can bake with
more than one tray and no matter where you place the tray(s) since the fan will blow
the hot air from the back therefore, the heat is evenly circulate in the whole cooking compartment.
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