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Is Oven Repair Wasted Money? Better Buying a new One?

    Oven Repair Or Replacement

    Hi, I am George, a licensed electrician have been repairing and installing electric ovens for over 30 years. I will explain to you some of my points of view regarding ovens.

    Whether oven repair is worth it or better, buying a new one depends on a few factors and some knowledge could help.

    There is always more than black and white; these are only guidelines for prevailing circumstances. Because no matter what, you will not buy a new oven if you sell the house, for example. Or a complete kitchen renovation is due soon – unless you know what cooker would fit in the new kitchen. Also, you might not be able to buy a new one suddenly. Likely, a tenant will not purchase a new stove if the kids smashed the oven glass but will fix it even if a new one would be more sensible (for an owner).

    I often install new ovens for customers replacing 3-4-year-old ones due to a single part failure because their previous one lasted for 30 years. Well, those days are long gone. No manufacturer makes a product anymore to outlast as they used to. So, the repair would be a much wiser choice in these cases. Otherwise, you can buy a new one every four years.

    Other customers keep pouring unlimited money into a 20-year-old oven with no single part left functioning correctly. I understand that not everybody can afford to purchase a new appliance instantly. But spending a brand new oven price on repair every 2-3 years makes no sense either. Is it not the same as purchasing a new one with AfterPay, for instance, paying it off over a certain period but having a nice new oven?

    Did you know that most oven repairers do not (can not) install only repair ovens? Thus, their interest is the repair, not the installation. Would they advise you to get an oven installer instead and replace the whole appliance? Yeah, maybe, but likely not.

    On the other hand, most electricians do not repair ovens (lacks knowledge), only install them. So, they will likely push you towards buying a new stove. 

    And even those who repair and install them tend to lean towards the repair as they can charge way more for a repair.

    But what about your interest?

    Generally, fixing the oven is cheaper than buying a new one BUT not necessarily better or economical. You can waste your money either way by a wrong decision.

    The time comes when new spare parts are no longer available. Hence the oven is not repairable. It is an easy decision as you do not have a choice.

    However, you can still waste money to find it out because many repairers want to go out for a certain fee to tell you what they already know or should know if they care.

    That is why finding an honest repairer is essential. Also, you need to provide your oven’s whole model number, what happened and a thorough description of the fault. A knowledgeable, fair trade person should be able to give an approximate repair cost and check the most likely required parts availability. Always try to speak to the technician directly because a telephone assistant is unlikely to be able to get these pieces of information. 

    Also, Read About the Typical Customer Mistakes that might help you before seeking a costly professional.

    Is Oven Worth Repairing?


    • It is not big enough to cook for a large family feast, or
    • It is not pleasant-looking but damaged, worn, obsolete, or
    • Lacks functions you want like “Fan-Forced Oven”, “Pyrolitic Cleaning”, “Steam Oven”, “Air Frier” or
    • It does not perform well, heats up slowly or bakes so unevenly.

    If any of these applies to you the first time something breaks, and you can afford a new oven, I suggest buying a new one. Because the more money you spend on repair, the least you will let it go, and no repairs will ever make you love a hated oven.

    A well-looked-after oven in good condition with a single faulty part deserves another chance, even multiple times. The repair is a better option if the repairs are not too frequent (3+ years) and the cost is reasonable compared to the price of a new stove.

    Every appliance has at least one component that tends to fail regularly. Please note that I am not talking about your 30 years old cooker, which never had a single problem. I am talking about today’s appliances and the cruel reality. The most common fault is the heating element and selector switch, followed by door hinges, seals and the oven door glass. There are other parts, of course, that can break but are less common.

    How do oven size and type influence the decision of repair?

    Firstly, a 90 cm freestanding stove, for instance, has way more components to fail than a 60 cm under bench oven. Since there are more parts to fail, the repair cost can be even higher.

    Secondly, buying a new 90 cm freestanding stove costs at least four times more than a 60 cm under bench oven. Therefore, it is worth spending more on saving it before considering a new one.

    So, although a $500 repair cost is shocking could be worth spending on a $2,500+ value stove. However, I would not recommend spending it on repairing a $600 value, small oven.

    I suggest purchasing a new oven if the repair cost exceeds the broken oven value. I also believe the repair is not worth it if it costs more than half the price of equal quality new oven. The Good Guys is one of the best prices-wise purchasing a new appliance. Appliances Online have more extensive stock for consideration.

    Suggested maximum reasonable oven repair costs compared to a new mid-range appliance price.

    Oven Size & TypeMaximum Reasonable Repair CostsNew Oven Price
    60 cm under bench oven~$350$600+
    60 cm upright stove~$350$600+
    90 cm under bench oven~$500$1,000+
    90 cm upright stove~$600$1,500+
    1,5 or double wall oven~$400$900+

    The recommended maximal repair cost would differ either up or down in contrast with the equal quality new oven price.

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    Why does oven brand matter?

    • Some brand oven parts are only available for 8 – 10 years. Suppose the current faulty component is just curable, but most other faults are likely not. It means you could waste your money on a repair if the other near-future repairs are impossible due to spare parts availability. So when the time comes, you might want to consider a new one instead, not to waste the money on the repair.
    • Some brand ovens have only one weak point, one particular part that fails from time to time. Nothing else breaks in general over a pretty long lifetime. Even the parts are available for + years. I recommend repairing those ovens as long as they have only that specific fault and nothing else during the life expectancy.
    • There are brands that – after a time – will have 2-3 additional components fail beyond the regular failure. For instance, only the selector switch breaks occasionally, and repair is not too painful. But then the heating elements, door hinges and fans also reach their lifespan. I recommend the restoration of those ovens only until the time when the more significant problems start. The repair cost after this age can round up very quickly, well over the price of a brand new oven.

    So there are many different reasons why I do not recommend repairing an oven afterwards.

    These are the rough age cap of the major brand ovens that I do not recommend repairing after.

    Oven BrandLife Expectancy
    Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson18 – 20 years
    Smeg, Blanco, Omega15 -18 years
    ILVE, Fisher & Paykel13 – 15 years
    Delonghi, Whirlpool10 – 12 years
    Euro, Primera, Baumatic10 – 12 years
    Technika, Arda, Vennini9 – 11 years

    Please understand that this is just a guideline based on prevailing circumstances. It does not mean that, in some instances, the oven is not repairable beyond this age. I would say the repair beyond this age becomes gambling. It is the age when I believe money is better spent on a new oven.

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