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chef oven repairs

chef oven repairs perth WA

Acura Electrical specialises in Chef oven repairs Perth Northern and Southern suburbs.

Is your Chef electric oven not heating up or overheating? Is the oven door not closing correctly, or is the door glass shattered? We stock all available Chef oven heating elements, thermostats and door hinges. Hence, we can replace them quickly.

Provide your oven model number and describe the fault so we can quote the total repair cost. Every service is provided with one year warranty.

If your oven is not repairable or repair is not economical, our fully licensed electricians can even install your new electric oven. Thus, Acura Electrical is the ultimate solution for your Chef oven repair and installation.

First of all, please click here to read our collection of common mistakes customers make to avoid an unnecessary service fee.

If this guideline did not help solve your issue, check out our transparent oven repair pricing below. Then you can book your electric oven or electric cooktop repair with confidence online 24/7.

Flat Service Fee $149 incl. GST + Cost of Parts Required. No Call Out Fee.

Flat service fee means that no matter the time required or if return visit needed. You pay only the fixed service fee nothing further apart from the cost of parts required to repair your oven or cooktop.

Oven Element Repairs

One of the most common Chef oven faults is a heating element failure, especially the Fan Forced Element. The oven might trip its breaker in the switchboard but not necessarily. It will no longer heat up. Book a quick Chef oven element repair.

Heating Element Cost $90 – $120

Chef Oven Repairs Perth WA

Thermostat fault is not common in Chef ovens and usually happens in older models. The oven is either overheating or not hot enough, or the oven will not turn off. Call us for a quick oven thermostat repair.

Thermostat Cost $90 – $128

Chef Oven Fan Repairs

Both the cooling fan and baking fan are common Chef oven defects. We store most of the fans to repair if their bearing is worn and getting noisy or not working. Both fans have an essential role in the oven operation. We make your oven fan repair painless.

Fan Cost $120 – $138

Chef Oven Repair Perth WA

Manual and digital timers are common Chef oven faults. The oven will not turn on even though it has a power supply. We stock most of the timers and can either replace them or disable the faulty timer so the oven can work fully but without timing function.

Timer Cost $70 – $165

Chef Oven Hinge Repairs Perth

Hinges on Chef ovens tend to fail after about 6-8 years. The oven door will not shut tightly and adequately, so heat escapes from the oven, ruining the cooking and burning the surrounding cabinets. We stock most Chef oven hinges.

Hinge Cost $90 – $146 / pair

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Chef Oven Glass Repairs Perth

The inner glass is the more common issue with Chef ovens and shatters sometimes, but we can repair any layer of glasses, mainly from stock. Otherwise, we can source the genuine Chef glass quickly.

Glass Cost $58 – $167

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