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Do you need a Perth electrician who is on time and up front with costs?

Acura electricians are always on time and up front with quoting. Acura offer many services at a fixed service fee with the only additional costs being parts. We do not charge an additional call out fee like many of our competitors and other trades do. Unlike many electricians, Acura Electrical are happy to quote on those small, essential electrical jobs that need to be done around the house and are happy to work on your home whether it was built 50 years ago or only a few months ago.

Acura Electrical focus on making it easy for customers to book a job by providing upfront fixed prices for a range of standard electrical jobs, so that you can have peace of mind about the costs involved for electrical services.

Browse through the range of electrical services on our website and you will be able to see exactly what the type of electrical job you need will cost. For more complex electrical services, simply send us the details through our online booking form and we will provide a quote for you or contact you for further information.

Electrical services

  • Power Points - install additional or upgrade power points 
  • Lighting - install new lights or replace existing light fittings
  • Security Lighting - deter prowlers with motion activated security lights
  • Oven, Stove & Cook Top Repairs -we specialise in electric oven repairs
  • Oven, Stove & Cook Top Installation - we install ovens at a competitive fixed price
  • RCDs (Safety Switch) - Law requires these be fitted to every house being sold or rented
  • Smoke Alarms - Law requires these be fitted to all new homes and those being sold or rented
  • Switchboard Upgrade - replace old fuse boards and protect your most valuable asset
  • Surge Protection - we can stop power surges burning out expensive hi-fi's, Tv's and Pc's
  • Ceiling Fans - install ceiling fans to cool your house
  • Exhaust Fans - reduce mould and mildew with a powerful exhaust fan
  • IXL Heat Lamps - take the chill out of cold winter mornings with a heat lamp in your bathroom

Acura electrical are experts in Troubleshooting!

At Acura Electrical, we pride ourselves on solving problems and we are experts in trouble shooting electrical problems that may be hard to identify - particularly if your safety switches (RCD's) or electrical appliances are tripping out.

Why not ask for an Electrical Safety Inspection?

An Acura Electrical Safety Inspection will give you peace of mind whether you are looking to buy another house or if are residing in your home and your electrical fittings and appliances are older.

For just $129 plus GST, we can conduct a full inspection of all your electrical fittings and appliances to ensure there are no hidden issues that may be dangerous in the future.

Would you like to book an electrical Service online?

Acura Electrical provide the added convenience of an online booking service where you can choose the type of electrical service you need and specify your preferred dates and times for the job. When you send through a online booking, Acura Electrical will respond within 3 hours and confirm which of your preferred dates and dates are available and confirm the quote for the job. If you need new parts, we will obtain a quote for the parts and provide that to you by email.

Browse our range of services and prices on our website and use our online booking form to quickly book your job online.

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