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TV Antenna Installation Perth

Acura Electrical is expert in TV Antenna installation Perth Northern and Southern suburbs listed here. Our experienced technicians can install new TV points, and wall mount your TV.

We use only quality, Australian made HD digital antennas designed for local weather conditions with ten years warranty.

TV Antenna installation services include

  • New or additional TV point installations,
  • Fixing TV antenna reception issues,
  • TV wall mounting, bracket supply and installation,
  • Power Point installation for TVs,
  • Hiding TV cables (HDMI, Coax, Power etc.) into the wall,
  • Signal Booster & Amplifier installation and repair,
  • Projector installation

Do you have TV antenna problems?

We have the latest equipment to test and identify any tv reception issues. Our experienced electricians can advise the best solution based on your particular circumstances—problems such as poor reception from interferences, hills or distance from transmitters.

Do you need your television wall mounted?

Many people prefer wall mounted TVs as the cabling can be concealed and looks much neater.

Another reason to consider wall mounting your tv is for safety. One of the biggest causes of child accidents these days is tv’s falling on children who are curiously exploring and touching them. Mounting your television to the wall is the best way to prevent these accidents.

home theatre installation services

If you want to create the ultimate “Home Theatre” experience – then Acura Electrical can help design and install your dream Home Theatre.

Here are the types of decisions we can advise you about and install for you: Installation heights of the TV – based on the type and size of room and distance to the TV. Variety of mounting brackets: Flat brackets are often the most visually appealing for wall installation, but you may need the Tilt bracket if you need to install your tv higher. Swivel bracket – if the TV cannot be centred in the room or if you want to be able to watch it from different positions, a Swivel bracket may be the best solution. Cabling: There is a range of cabling options for your home theatre and entertainment appliances:

In the cavity – note the TV has to be located on an external (cavity) wall to enable this

Surface mounted ducting – can be installed on either side of the wall; however, if there is a wardrobe on the other side, it has less visual disturbance.

antenna installation perth cost

New HD Digital antenna supply & install with 10 years warranty$299 (incl. GST)
TV point installation$200 (incl. GST)
TV wall mounting$200 (incl. GST) + Bracket if required
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