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Acura Electrical’s licensed electricians have over 25 years of experience and specialize in oven and stove repairs for most of the major brands servicing a wide range of suburbs in Perth, Western Australia.

First of all please read our collection of Customers Mistakes regularly made and avoid an unnecessary service fee.

You need to choose an electrician for oven repairs wisely, as most electricians do not specialize in oven repairs and cannot fix your problem on the spot, as they do not carry the required parts for your oven brand or type of oven.

Our electricians carry an extensive range of genuine oven parts that enables us to fix the majority of oven problems at our first visit – saving you time and money. We also are able to source oven parts for ovens at a discounted rate for our customers.

Acura electricians are able to fix any electric oven problem, whether it is related to the electrical source or an oven fault or install a new oven if that is your only option.

We provide upfront prices for our oven repair services so that you have peace of mind as to what your oven repair will cost. We charge a fixed oven repair price of $129 (incl GST) to repair your oven plus the cost of any parts required. No additional charges such as call out fees that other electricians and trades often charge.

We provide a quick and simple 24 / 7 online booking service so that you can send us information about your oven and the parts needed and also request your preferred times and dates for the oven repairs.

Please give us as much details as you can in the booking form in regards to what the problem is and we will contact you and give you our assessment of the problem and an indication of the cost of fixing it.

Our cooking appliance repairs services include:

Oven Repair Cost

Service fee Fixed Service Fee - $129 (incl. GST) + the cost of new parts required

Our oven repairs price is fixed. We do not charge by the hour or if a return visit is required. We do not charge a call out fee on top of our service fee.

indicative COSTs of new oven parts required

As prices for different brands of oven parts vary, we are unable to give you an exact cost but we have provided the following costs as an indication of what it approximately costs. Parts and workmanship are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Fan Forced Heating Elements (90% of oven faults) Flat $90 (incl. GST)
Lower and Top Heating Elements $90 - $140 (incl. GST)
Timer (manual) approx. $70 (incl. GST)
Timer (digital) approx. $180 (incl. GST)
Oven Thermostat $100 - $160 (incl. GST)
Oven Fan approx. $120 (incl. GST)
Oven Light $8 (incl. GST)
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Please see our guideline below in regards to what is your fault could be.


If the "Customers Mistakes" did not help you, book your oven repairs with confidence with Acura Electrical as we provide upfront pricing to give you peace of mind.

Simply supply details of your oven and problem and then specify your preferred date and time for the job.

We respond by text message or email and confirm the price and appointment for your approval before we book the requested job.

We accept these major cards (no surcharge)

Common oven faults & symptoms

First of all click here to read very common customer mistakes which can save you unnecessary service cost.

Fan forced heating element blown: (This is the most common problem)

  • If your fan forced oven is partially functioning (fan, light, grill etc. works) but will not heat up.
  • If while using the fan forced setting had a flash at the back and stopped working.
  • If while using the fan forced setting it tripped the power and you are able to turn it back but will not heat anymore.
  • If fan forced setting will slightly warm but cannot reach higher temperature.

Lower or Top heating element blown: (If your oven is not fan forced or using the conventional or grill setting)

  • If your conventional oven is partially functioning (light, grill etc. works) but will not heat up.
  • If while using the conventional setting had a flash at the bottom or top and stopped working.
  • If while using the conventional setting it tripped the power and you are able to turn it back but will not heat anymore.
  • If conventional setting will slightly warm but cannot reach higher temperature.

Timer (digital, manual) fault: (If you can live without the timer we can simply disconnect it and will not cost you the parts but only $129 service fee)

Even if timer looks fine (manual ticking back, or digital has reading) if the timer faulty then most of ovens will not work.

  • Oven will not turn on or start
  • Digital timer has no reading, do not react any button, playing up
  • Manual timer is not ticking back

Thermostat fault:

  • Oven will not heat or turn on
  • Oven overheats without regulating temperature

Fan fault:

  • Oven fan will not start
  • Fan makes noise

Please note that this is only a guideline but an inspection required for appropriate assessment, which is part of our service and included in our service fee.

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